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Computer Tutoring have now resumed all Face to Face training. All Live Online and Face to Face training enquiries are very welcome.

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Landline: 0800 158 3588 Landline: 0800 158 3588

 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/computer-training-courses-in-milton-keynes.asp
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-acrobat-xi-pro-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/365
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-acrobat-xi-pro-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/366
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-actionscript-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/137
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-dreamweaver-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/267
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-illustrator-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/271
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-indesign-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/265
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-indesign-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/313
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-photoshop-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/264
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-premiere-cc-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/370
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/373
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/374
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/375
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/343
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/344
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-access-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/349
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/372
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/334
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/335
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/348
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-office-2016-new-features-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/356
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-onenote-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/355
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-outlook-2019-training-course--milton-keynes-beginners/376
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-outlook-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/377
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-outlook-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/353
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-outlook-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/354
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-pivot-tables-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/360
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/power-bi-dax-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/368
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-power-bi-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/363
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2013-powerpivot-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/280
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-2013-powerpivot-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/333
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-powerpoint-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/341
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-powerpoint-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/342
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-project-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/350
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-project-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/351
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-publisher-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/358
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-excel-vba-2010-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/279
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-vba-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/369
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-visio-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/347
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-visio-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/352
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/computer-training-courses-in-milton-keynes.asp?softHse=3&software=Microsoft
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-word-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/338
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-word-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/339
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-word-2016-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/340
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/google-apps-script-training-milton-keynes-intermediate/332
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/google-sheets-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/330
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/google-sheets-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/331
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/general-introduction-to-computers-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/115
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-css-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/113
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-html-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/112
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/web-design-html5-css3-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/232
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/web-design-html5-css3-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/233
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/introduction-to-web-design-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/289
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-javascript-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/90
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-jquery-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/221
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-jquery-training-course-milton-keynes-advanced/283
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-php-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/247
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/sql-querying-fundamentals-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/301
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/wordpress-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/291
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/web-design-xhtml,-html,-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/140
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/web-design-xhtml,-html-and-css-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/288
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-xml-schema-design-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/130
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/programming-xml-introduction-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/133
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 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/online-training
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 Live Online Training All you need to know: www.computertutoring.co.uk/online-training/instructor-led-training
 Live Online Training All you need to know: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/online-training/power-bi-classes-online/default.asp
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-project-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/385
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-project-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-beginners/384
 Website: Visit Website
 Website: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-powerpoint-2019-training-course-milton-keynes-intermediate/383
 Website: Visit Website
 Office 365 Training Course Beginners: www.computertutoring.co.uk/office-365-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/371
 Office 365 Training Course Beginners: Visit Website
 Microsoft Office 365 Online OneDrive Delve Yammer Planner and SharePoint Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-office-365-online-onedrive-delve-yammer-planner-and-sharepoint-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/390
 Microsoft Office 365 Online OneDrive Delve Yammer Planner and SharePoint Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Microsoft Power Automate Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-power-automate-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/393
 Microsoft Power Automate Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Microsoft PowerApps Forms Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-powerapps-forms-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/391
 Microsoft PowerApps Forms Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Microsoft PowerApps Forms Training Course Intermediate Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/microsoft-powerapps-forms-training-course-hammersmith-intermediate/392
 Microsoft PowerApps Forms Training Course Intermediate Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Adobe After Effects CC Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-after-effects-cc-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/394
 Adobe After Effects CC Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Adobe After Effects CC Training Course Advanced Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-after-effects-cc-training-course-hammersmith-advanced/395
 Adobe After Effects CC Training Course Advanced Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-premiere-pro-cc-training-course-hammersmith-beginners/396
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Training Course Beginners Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Training Course Advanced Hammersmith: www.computertutoring.co.uk/adobe-premiere-pro-cc-training-course-hammersmith-advanced/397
 Adobe Premiere Pro CC Training Course Advanced Hammersmith: Visit Website
 Computer Tutoring Blog: www.computertutoring.co.uk/blogs
 Computer Tutoring Blog: Visit Website
 Power BI Online Training Instructor Led: www.computertutoring.co.uk/online-training/power-bi-classes-online
 Power BI Online Training Instructor Led: Visit Website
 Teams Tutorials Manage Notifications in Teams: www.computertutoring.co.uk/teams-tutorials/manage-notifications-in-teams
 Teams Tutorials Manage Notifications in Teams: Visit Website
 How to use a Green Screen in Microsoft Teams?: www.computertutoring.co.uk/teams-tutorials/teams-green-screen
 How to use a Green Screen in Microsoft Teams?: Visit Website
 How to give PowerPoint Presentation using Zoom : www.computertutoring.co.uk/powerpoint-tutorials/powerpoint-presentation-using-zoom
 How to give PowerPoint Presentation using Zoom : Visit Website
 PowerPoint Tutorial - Subtitles in another Language: www.computertutoring.co.uk/powerpoint-tutorials/subtitles
 PowerPoint Tutorial - Subtitles in another Language: Visit Website
 How to use SmartArt in PowerPoint: www.computertutoring.co.uk/how-to-use-smartart-in-powerpoint.asp
 How to use SmartArt in PowerPoint: Visit Website
 Animating a Chart in PowerPoint: www.computertutoring.co.uk/animating-a-chart-in-powerpoint.asp
 Animating a Chart in PowerPoint: Visit Website
 How to Create and Print an A5 Booklet: www.computertutoring.co.uk/publisher-tutorial-create-booklet.asp
 How to Create and Print an A5 Booklet: Visit Website
 Animate Bullet Points in PowerPoint 2016: www.computertutoring.co.uk/animate-bullet-points-in-powerpoint-2016.asp
 Animate Bullet Points in PowerPoint 2016: Visit Website
 https://www.computertutoring.co.uk/how_to_use_connectors_in_visio.asp: www.computertutoring.co.uk/how_to_use_connectors_in_visio.asp
 https://www.computertutoring.co.uk/how_to_use_connectors_in_visio.asp: Visit Website
 How do I Invite Someone to a Teams Meeting?: www.computertutoring.co.uk/teams-tutorials/how-to-send-teams-meeting-invite
 How do I Invite Someone to a Teams Meeting?: Visit Website
 Prohibiting cell entry based on another's value: www.computertutoring.co.uk/how-to-prohibit-entry-based-on-another-cells-value.asp
 Prohibiting cell entry based on another's value: Visit Website
 Add Calculated Field to Pivot Table: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-tutorials/accounts-excel/add-calculated-field-to-pivot-table
 Add Calculated Field to Pivot Table: Visit Website
 Create Interactive PDF Form InDesign: www.computertutoring.co.uk/create_interactive_pdf_form_indesign.asp
 Create Interactive PDF Form InDesign: Visit Website
 Photoshop Paste into Selection: www.computertutoring.co.uk/photoshop_paste_into_selection.asp
 Photoshop Paste into Selection: Visit Website
 How to share and edit a Word file in Microsoft Teams?: www.computertutoring.co.uk/how-to-share-a-file-in-microsoft-teams.asp
 How to share and edit a Word file in Microsoft Teams?: Visit Website
 Index Match Multiple Criteria: www.computertutoring.co.uk/index-match-multiple-criteria.asp
 Index Match Multiple Criteria: Visit Website
 PowerPoint Master Slides Beginners Tutorial: www.computertutoring.co.uk/powerpoint-tutorials/powerpoint-master-slides
 PowerPoint Master Slides Beginners Tutorial: Visit Website
 Creating a Book Cover in Microsoft Publisher: www.computertutoring.co.uk/creating-a-book-in-publisher.asp
 Creating a Book Cover in Microsoft Publisher: Visit Website
 Bringing Accounts Information Together on One Sheet: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-tutorials/excel-summary-sheet/summary-sheet-in-excel
 Bringing Accounts Information Together on One Sheet: Visit Website
 SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets in Excel: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-tutorials/excel-summary-sheet/sumif-excel-across-multiple-sheets
 SUMIF Excel Across Multiple Sheets in Excel: Visit Website
 How to Clean Messy Data for Analysis in Excel using Power Query?: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-tutorials/excel-summary-sheet/clean-messy-data-power-query
 How to Clean Messy Data for Analysis in Excel using Power Query?: Visit Website
 How to Delete Blank Rows in Excel?: www.computertutoring.co.uk/excel-tutorials/delete-blank-rows
 How to Delete Blank Rows in Excel?: Visit Website
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Business Profile

Computer Tutoring - enjoy learning Computer Tutoring have a reputation for quality and engaging training. With more and more people now working from home Computer Tutoring has been happy to provide Live Online instructor led training. Whether online or in the meeting room Computer Tutoring wants you to enjoy each stage of your learning journey.

All our training courses / classes can be delivered online through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Additionally, Face to Face training at either your venue or one of ours can be arranged.

Live Online Excel Training How will attending Microsoft Excel Classes Benefit me?
A Microsoft Excel class will give you skills that are needed more than ever before. Excel skills are necessary today, not only in the office, but pretty much every industry has a use for this amazing tool. Advanced Excel skills are crucials for in-depth data analysis and decision making. The skills you will learn in an Excel training course will enable you to become more efficient, saving you time. Moreover, those very same skills may also open new doors of opportunity for you.

Speed up your work
Excel and data go hand-in-hand. Everything you enter in an Excel spreadsheet is classed as data. The key is learning the right skills to handle this data effectively, to get the data to work for you.

If you feel like you are wasting a lot of time on repetitive tasks or spending too much time trying to get basic results from your data, then you'll greatly benefit by the automation functions and formulas within Excel. This alone will increase your output and will free up more of your time.

So, what is the point of data? Is it purely to bamboozle you? In fact, data is recorded for many purposes, but can probably be boiled down to one ultimate reason. Analysis.

You see, data analysis is a vital component to decision making, business intelligence and planning. For instance, perhaps you want to know which month recorded the highest sales? Or maybe you need to calculate the percentage increase over the previous month?

Maybe you need to know what the lead product was in any given period? Or which employees met a goal within a certain time frame? These are just a few basic examples of data analysis. So long as data is entered correctly the results will be available in a couple of clicks. And if you want to make sure that data is entered in the correct manner, Excel can help you with that as well.

So you have no need to dread being asked any tricky questions about your spreadsheet. Because what you have learned about Excel will greatly help you get the results and insight you need to make well informed decisions.

Data Presentation
No one wants to look at a messy spreadsheet, so transform your mammoth spreadsheet into eye catching, clean, reports, charts and Pivot Tables.

Visualise your data with dynamic charts. Use a series of charts to showcase your data. Bar charts, column charts and pie charts.

Live Online Training - All you need to know What are the Benefits of Live Online training?
Live online training is a perfect example proving that the way we learn is forever expanding. New and innovative learning methods ensure that wherever we are, plus wherever the rest of our Team is, coming together and learning new and essential skills is more accessible than ever before.

Great flexibility
Train with the rest of your Team wherever they are
Interactive training with an expert
Three Months post training support
Online course notes
Full or half day training to fit in with your company needs
What Will I Receive Before the Training Day?
When you book the course, you have the option of entering each delegates email addresses. This will allow us to send an invitation directly to each delegate.

Each delegate will be sent:

An Online Zoom / Teams meeting invitation.
Joining instructions.
Link to online course ware. (This should be downloaded prior to the course).
Post training email with certificates and post training support details.
After the training, the course organiser will be sent a copy of the:

A certificate of completion for each delegate.
A copy of the post course evaluation forms.
If there is anything else we can do to the help the day run smoothly - please just let us know.

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How Does a Live Online Training Day Work?
Prior to an live online training day all delegates will have been sent a link to join the online training session.

Delegates are invited to join the meeting 10 minutes early to ensure everyone is up and running and ready to start the course.

The trainer will have their camera on and will welcome you to the training session. The trainer will ensure that everyone is comfortable with their set up and can see and hear the trainer clearly. All delegates will be reminded that if they have any questions, throughout the day, they are welcome to ask. The trainer wants everyone to enjoy the day and will endeavour to make everyone feel comfortable.

Live online full training days will include a morning and afternoon 10-minute break, as well as an hour lunch.

Timings can be adjusted to suit you requirements.

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Technical Requirements for Live Online Training
Here are a couple of tips to help you get the best out of the training day:

You should use a desktop PC or laptop for optimal experience.
It's best if you have 2 screens. This way you can watch the trainer on one screen while at the same time completing the exercises on the other. Alternatively, if you are using 1 screen the trainer can guide you on how to split the screen. (The larger the screen the better).
For candidates to have the best experience, a laptop or desktop with a camera is required. We recommend cameras to be switched on during the course.

Live Online Power BI Training What is Power BI?
Power BI online training is the best way to get to grips with this data analysis tool. Power BI is powerful business intelligence (BI) tool, and what's super cool is that it is free to download.

Power BI allows you to import data from pretty much any source. Computer Tutoring's Excel Power BI course uses data from Excel making it easy for you to produce fully interactive charts and visualisations. That's right you can click on them and filter tables, pie charts, donut charts, tree diagrams and maps with "LIVE" data.

Analyse your data more efficiently
Spot trends and patterns in your data
Obtain actionable insights to make better business decisions
What is Power BI Desktop?
Power BI comes in 2 parts, online and desktop. The desktop part of Power BI is a free piece of software you can download and install to run on your machine. The idea being that you create and perfect your dashboards before you share them by publishing them online.

After you've created a dashboard you can be proud of, you can then click on the publish button to publish the dashboard online. Once the dashboard is online, you can start sharing.

What is Power BI Pro?
This is the full paid version of Power BI. It is a cloud-based self-service analytics too. It allows you to use the dashboards you've either published or created online to be embedded into apps, shared with users and intergrated with other Microsoft solutions.

What is Power BI Premium?
Power BI Premium is the version best suited for larger enterprise organisations with many users. Consider it a super upgrade of Power BI Pro. On top of the features and functionality you'd receive in Power BI Pro, you also receive increased data capacity limits, maximum performance, access to one API service, and many other features.

Free Online Computer Tutoring Help Videos Hundreds of free help videos available.
Excel, Access, InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, PowerPoint, Word, Google Sheets, Visio, Teams, Outlook, Power BI, Publisher, Zoom, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Windows and HTML.


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